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White Vaginal Discharge or Leucorrhoea Treatment, Remedies

It is quite normal for women to have certain amounts of vaginal discharge because the female vaginal wall and uterine cervix have glands that produce small amounts of fluid which helps to keep the vagina clean. This normal fluid that is discharged from the vagina is usually milky white, yellowish (when dry on underpants) or clear in color and it does not have a foul odour.

The thickness of the fluid depends on the woman’s menstrual cycle (during ovulation), when she is sexually aroused, breast feeding, emotional stress, eating habits, medications (birth control drugs) and pregnancy. A normal discharge is also known as “physiological discharge”

Leucorrhoea “white discharge”

Leucorrhoea is a white vaginal discharge that is secreted in excess, it is also known as “white discharge,” this is caused when the mucous membrane that lines the reproductive organ of the woman thickens, and this may lead to the discharge of white fluid from the vaginal canal. Leucorrhoea can be caused by the following factors:-

•    Unhealthy lifestyle

•    Anemia

•    Destructive dietary patterns (mad dieting)
Treatment for Leucorrhoea

Here are some ways leucorrhoea can be treated:-

•    Mango seeds are used in the treatment of “white discharge,” and it does not affect the body system. It is used by simply applying the mango seed paste into the vaginal tract.

•    Lady finger is one of the best methods of treating this ailment.

•    Walnut tree leaves can be boiled in water, strained and drunk (like tea). It can also be used as a vaginal douche. The walnut tree leaves contains astringent substances that can be used to treat different female menstrual problems and it is very good for treating leucorrhoea.

•    Fenugreek seeds is one of the most popular for treating “white discharge,” it is also used for treating discomfort and pain. Fenugreek seeds are best used by making a “tea drink” of it. Fenugreek seed extracts a can also be used as a douche.
Not all whitish vaginal discharges are automatically diagnosed as “the white discharge,” other abnormal vaginal discharges can be caused by a variety of factors.   

Abnormal Discharge

How do you know when a discharge is abnormal? An abnormal discharge can be caused by “vaginal infections” which is quite common among women (of all races). Studies have shown that all women will experience at least one form of vaginal infection in their lifetime.  

Causes Of Vaginal Discharge # 1 – Infections

Abnormal vagina discharge can be caused by the following vaginal infections:-

•    Trichomoniasis (TV)

•    Vulvo vaginal candidiasis (VVC)

•    Bacterial vaginosis (BV)
Here are some symptoms to that can indicate vaginal infection:-

i.    Increased vaginal discharge

ii.    Burning sensation during urination

iii.    Discharge is followed by rash, itchiness and or soreness

iv.    Whitish discharge and that looks like cottage cheese

v.    Pungent smell

vi.    Vulver irritation

vii.    The color is either grey/white or yellow/green

viii.    Fishy smell with discharge

ix.    Increased smell and discharge soon after sexual intercourse

x.    Discomfort
Causes Of Vaginal Discharge # 2 – Ph Imbalance

Vaginal pH imbalance can lead to abnormally high amount of vaginal discharge.

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